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Omg hi.
I'm Party Dyke.
Your guide to Berlin's FLINTA* nightlife.

Berlin is famed the world over for two things:

  1. Parties and nightlife.

  2. Being really gay.

For FLINTA* folks with an appetite for a good night, there's nowhere better to be.

But in a city of a thousand clubs and Kneipe's, where do you even start?

I arrived here, as a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed lil lesbian, fresh out of the closet and fresh out of covid, with an attitude of "never say no to a night out". And it took some time, (and all my savings) but I know most of the clubs in town. It changed my life. Bars and clubs break down societal boundaries. They let people experiment. They let you find yourself. That's important for queer folks. 

That being said, nightlife is a deeply gendered, patriarchal industry. Most clubs are run by men for men. And we all know well that women and queer people face harassment, abuse and even violence in nightlife spaces with appalling regularity.

Even spaces that are "queer" typically cater primarily to an audience of cis-gay men, and may not be too warm and welcoming for FLINTA* people. And it's a damn shame so many are pushed out of this scene by discrimination, violence and the common unkindnesses we find ourselves exposed to.

Nevertheless, nightlife has always served an important role for queer community life and continues to do so today. That is why it is so important for FLINTA* people to know where to find spaces where we can dance, drink, socialise, and enjoy our nighttime hours with a community of fellow FLINTA* people. Together we are safer, our community stronger and steadily, we can hope, the scene will adapt to reflect our needs too.


We deserve better. Nightlife is an ever-growing social project, so we can build better. 

I want this page to have something for everyone


Maybe you’re new in Berlin, newly out of the closet or new to Berlin’s nightlife scene. 

Here’s an introduction to some of the spaces you might want to seek out.

Maybe you’re an old hand and want to keep track of upcoming events. Got you bro.

Maybe you’re a FLINTA nightlife organiser and want to get the word out. Just let me know.

Let me know your perspective.

What I write about nightlife is subjective. I have my experiences. You have yours. So talk to me. I'm often wrong. What have I missed? 


How I see Berlin's nightlife is shaped by my identity and how I am perceived. Though I want to keep my identity off the internet, it's important I disclose that I am a white non-binary lesbian. I am neurodivergent, I am able-bodied and I am typically perceived as a cis-woman.

It's important to me to receive all of your feedback, but particularly from POC, disabled, trans and other FLINTA* folks from marginalised or disadvantaged groups for whom nightlife presents unique difficulties and challenges.

I never ask for financial compensation for the parties and events I promote. This is not a for-profit venture.

That being said, I put considerable time and some resources into this, so if you would like to support me I have a Ko-fi page and I deeply appreciate your generosity.

And if you're just looking for someone to welcome you into the queer party scene, you're always welcome to reach out. 

- Lots of love and the best of vibes,

  Party Dyke

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