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Places of Interest
So you want to get into the Berlin FLINTA* nightlife scene? Where is it? Here are some spots you want to be familiar with. Berlin is your oyster my dear, go forth and vibe.

*Page construction ongoing. If you would like to suggest a venue or can help me fill in accessibility information, please get in touch. 


Queer-feminist collective bar specifically catering to Berlin's queer BPOC community. Hosts occasional FLINTA* flirt nights, and regular BIPOC and anticolonial events, including community brunches, panel discussions, soli parties, quizzes and concerts. Typically quiet during the week and drinks are affordable and the staff are a delight. Can't recommend them enough.
Accessibility:... ?

Mariannenstraße 6, 10997, Kreuzberg

Möbel Olfe

A gay bar off Kotti that hosts the literally-packed-out-the-door FLINTA* Tuesday every week. The sheer mass of lesbians you can fit in this bar is astonishing. It's messy, it's loud, the drinks are cheap, and after midnight it's feral. Those Tuesday nights are a cornerstone of FLINTA* nightlife in Berlin. Although they supposedly have a TIN* night on Friday, this isn't widely known, so personally, I would only go on a Tuesday or perhaps their fundraiser nights on the first Monday of the month.

Accessibility: ...?

Reichenberger Str. 177, 10999, Kreuzberg


Silver Future


Neukölln's most popular queer bar. It's very pink, with funky decor and some interesting quirks (if you order crisps they lower an IKEA bag of snacks from the ceiling). The drinks are on the pricier side but it's a cosy spot and a cute place for a date on quieter nights.

They host the Love is in the Air FLINTA* flirt night every third Wednesday of the month and lesbian lounge lizards every first Tuesday of the month. Most Mondays they also host a variety of little cutesy queer events.

Accessibility: ... ?

Weserstr. 206, 12047, Neukölln

Berlin's top drag bar, hosting shows most nights of the week. Not only drag but also burlesque, karaoke, pub quizzes, and open mic (such as the monthly Siblinx FLINTA* open mic). The regular König drag King, Quing and Creature show hosted by Buba Sababa is an absolute gem. Tipsy is possibly the only queer thing in P'Berg, and the drinks are fittingly pricey but the staff are a delight, the crowd is sweet and, on a good night, the vibes are Cabaret (1972).

Accessibility: ...?

Eberswalder Str. 21, 10437, Prenzlauer Berg




Lovely local Kollektivkneipe, with drinks going for the best prices in town. It's an old punk place but the current collective run Tristeza as a queerfeminist and anarchist space.

Events: FLINTA* kicker basement every Tuesday, FLINTA* party 1st Sat of the month, as well as political initiatives, soli-parties and more.
Accesibility: There is a ramp at the entrance and a wheelchair accessible restroom linked to the main room. The main room is smoke-free. However, the basement (where the flinta Tuesday kicker is held) is located at the bottom of a steep flight of stairs and quite smokey. Music is usually not very loud and it is typically a calm space on weekday nights.

Pannierstraße 5, 12047, Neukölln

Curly (cos it's anything but straight) is a cute little Wedding queer bar. Recently reopened with the same warmth and safe atmosphere it always had. Good cocktails, reasonable prices and friendly staff. Hosting queer and FLINTA* events almost every week; mostly small concerts. 

Accessibility: ...?

Adolfstraße 17, 13347, Wedding



A very chic, FLINTA*-run spot, with a high-end drink menu. Not decked out with the usual flamboyance of a queer bar, it's all black walls and edgy photography. Nice spot for a date by candlelight. The staff is always sweet and the cocktails are really good to boot.

FLINTA* Thursday each week is getting popular, though still not half as stuffed as Olfe on a Tuesday (probably for the best). 

Accessibility: ... ? Smoking venue.

Schlesische Str. 16, 10997 Kreuzberg


A cafe/bar run by a queer FLINTA* collective. Super cute place that does cake and coffee as well as beer at reasonable prices (can recommend the banana bread). They have a selection of lefty-lit to peruse and some cute queer/political events to check out. FLINTA* night every 4th Thursday is very sweet, as are the zine nights every second Monday and there's Küfas every 3rd Thursday.

Accessibility: ...? Seperate smoking area.

Wildenbruchstr. 86, 12045 Neukölln


Café Cralle

Cralle is a feminist collective cafe in Wedding. Originally founded in 1977 by a women's collective, they've changed hands and evolved over the years. They serve a broad clientele; locals, queers, politically engaged groups etc, but they maintain a strong queer-feminist leaning. They have a  FLINTA* Stammtisch every last Thursday of the month and their queer bar night every third Thursday, as well as pub quizzes, movie nights and various other queer or political events.


Weserstr. 206, 12047 Neukölln

Schwuz and the Pepsi Boston Bar

SchwuZ is the oldest queer club in Germany and Berlin's premier purveyor of questionably-mixed pop music Friday or Saturday night.

The Pepsi Boston Bar is to be found at the front of the club, and hosts a variety of smaller scale events during the week. 

The Dykes Gone Wild bar night occurs every fourth Friday of the month (this generally precedes the Friends with Benefits fundraiser club night, so it's not that dykey after 11PM, free entry until 10:30 p.m). There is occasionally a Dykes Gone Wild Party Night, though it must be said the crowd at Schwuz will always be made up mostly of cis-gay men.

Every third Wednesday the Pepsi Boston Bar hosts a FLINTA* Drag Open Stage; an excellent opportunity for aspiring kings.

Accessibility: ...? 

Rollbergstraße 26, 12053 Neukölln



Alongside a really impressive number of political events, KüfAs and film screenings, they host a FLINTA* night every second Thursday of the month, a Bi+ Flinta Meetup every third Friday of the month, the FLINTA* Rebel Rats every third Tuesday of the month,

Queeres PolyMeetup every fourth Monday of the month?

Accessibility: ...

Mareschstraße 1, 12055 Neukölln



Accessibility: ...

Greifenhagener Str. 28, 10437 Prenzlauer Berg


Queer ambient listening bar

Accessibility: ...?

Maybachufer 16, 12047 Neukölln 



kinda messy, kinda crowded, kinda controversial, kinda... fun. You never know what you'll get at Roses.

Accessibility: ...

Oranienstraße 187, 10999 Kreuzberg

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