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Event Announcement - Dykes by Night: FLINTA* Nightlife in Berlin: Our Past, Present and Future

Pride month Berlin lesbian party nightlife event flinta

Ladies, gentlethems, sapphistocated queers: I present to you Dykes by Night; a tripartite pride month event comprising an exhibition, a panel discussion, and, naturally, a wee afterparty, to showcase and celebrate FLINTA* nightlife culture in Berlin. After more than a year as the arbiter of vibes in Berlin's FLINTA* nightlife, it's about time I put my money where my mouth is and organize something myself. With the support of Pride Month Berlin, and hopefully some of you good folks (see below if you want to lend a hand), we'll have it running from the 8th to 14th of July. Further details regarding speakers, participants, DJs, etc, are coming soon. I'll keep you updated here.

The Grand Plan

The Exhibition

The good folks of the K-Fetisch collective have generously offered space in their cafe-bar for an exhibition and subsequent panel discussion, where we hope to bring together academics, artists, organizers, and performers from a range of backgrounds and disciplines to participate and present their ideas about the importance of nightlife in queer culture, its contemporary forms, and our dreams for its future.

The exhibition will be on display from Mon 8th to Sunday 14th for your perusal. Unfortunately, the display will be located in the smoking area. Usually, this is well aerated, especially during the day but it can get quite smokey on busy nights.

The Panel Discussion

On the 12th of July at 19.00, K-Fetisch will host in-depth panel discussion on the history of Berlin’s FLINTA* nightlife and how our community can take deliberate steps to make it more inclusive and caring in the future, particularly addressing crafting trans-inclusive, intergenerational, diverse spaces that continue to serve a pivotal role in the progress of queer liberation.


Andrea Rottmann - historian of queer life in Germany and author of Queer Lives Across the Wall: Desire and Danger in Divided Berlin, 1945–1970

Bridge Markland - pioneering drag king and internationally renowned performance artist. Founder of the godrag! festival (2002 and 2022).

Daddy Dyke - Co-founder and Manager of Magic Dyke masc stripping performance group, up-and-coming DJ

Rakita - Internationally acclaimed DJ, resident of the queer feminist hard rave DYNAMIC

The Afterparty

Once we're done with the nerdy stuff, you're cordially invited to pop up the road to Zum böhmischen Dorf for our afterparty (because I have a brand name to maintain).

DJ Lineup:

  • DJ betânia

  • Daddy Dyke

  • Ina Vietha

  • Broccoli

With a performance by Lolita Va Voom ca. 22.00.

Doors from 20.00, DJ sets from 21.00, and entry is on a suggested 5-15 euro donation, though naturally no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

This is a FLINTA* and friends party, while non-FLINTA* folks won't be turned away we ask that they respect their position as guests in the space.

ZBD is a wheelchair accessible, smoking bar.

Call for Submissions and Participants

Well folks we've got an exhibition to fill and I want it to be as multivocal as possible so I'm reaching out for your submissions of thoughts, ideas, stories, hot-takes, dreams, anecdotes, poems, figments of imagination, or whatever materials you might like to show off at K-Fetisch for a week. Old photos, flyers, posters, and artwork would be amazing (and I'll keep them safe, I promise). If you care about FLINTA* nightlife, if you're a party dyke, I want to hear from you.

If there's someone you know who would be a perfect participant for the panel discussion, or an ideal DJ for the party or panel discussion, let me know. Participants will be compensated for their time thanks to PMB funding.

DM me on Instagram, leave a comment below, or email

Hope to see you there.

xoxo Party Dyke™


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