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Weekend Party Picks: June 7 -9

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Your weekly club-rat roundup. Where are the vibes? Where are the dykes? Where are the queer shenanigans? Here my lovelies.

Friday 7.

furiosa queer latin latinx party berlin

Dykes Gone Wild


Yes, Schwuz is ours for the night; the whole night this time. Sappho takes the helm and steers us into a night of pop and house and avoiding your ex. Go forth. Dress hot. Take shots. Be messy.

furiosa queer latin latinx party berlin


Your favorite secret location

For queer techno fans of a punk persuasion, this should be a night to remember. Absolutely stelar lineup: Nadine Talakovics, Tempus Fugit, and local queer party icon, Belen Zer. There's no high-fashion check on the door. You dress for you; cute, queer, slutty, sporty, slutty sporty or just comfy. No garde-robe this time, the weather's comfy, just don't bring the work laptop you'll be worried about stowing in a corner for 6 hours. It

Saturday 8.

furiosa queer latin latinx party berlin

Queer Garten: Sunset Sisters*

AQUA-Höfe (by Ritter Butzke)

A brand new edition of the classic Queer Garten FLINTA* night out

One floor for house and techno, one for pop and hits, and a real nice outdoor chill area for a little chat or a little flirt. There should be something for everyone here, though I don't know the venue (looking forward to exploring) so PD review pending...

furiosa queer latin latinx party berlin


Raxxxhaus (Telegram for location info)

Behold a dark, techno, genderfuck ritual, returning at a brand new venue. HIGH is radical, political, sexual and queer as all hell. Real blend of music genres, cute folks, and there's a FLINTA-to-the-front darkroom and dungeon to explore as you please. Check their hanky code if you wish to find what you might be cruising for. And the proceeds are going to /ETC - Eclectic Tech Carnival, an international feminist hackmeeting.

furiosa queer latin latinx party berlin

ADIRA Drag Festival: A Celebration of Arab* Drag


A day-long celebration of Berlin's finest Arab* drag talents from across Berlin and around the world, with a full program of workshops, panel discussions, drag and music, performances and DJ sets. Presented by Berlin's premier Arab pop party ADIRA, this may well be the first-ever Arab* drag and pop music festival. They're killing it on accessibility. The lineup is, frankly, stunning. It might be too late to register for workshops but it isn't too late to grab a ticket, thank goodness.

*Arab here denotes "diverse identities and ethnicities within Southwest Asia and North Africa."

furiosa queer latin latinx party berlin

Imaginary Friend


While not strictly a queer or FLINTA* party, Imaginary Friend is an event I hold close to heart, and can, by all means, be considered a community event. And frankly, I only seem to meet lesbians with exquisite music tasted at IM parties. The music will be beautiful, and the crowd will match that high-vibe standard. DJ Fart in the Club will kick it off strong, I promise. Come early if you want an IM entry treat. Stay late to dance in a beautiful sunrise over the Spree.


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