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Weekend Picks: April 26 - 28

party dyke queer lesbian nightlife events berlin March 8th International Women's Day

At last, lesbian visibility day, when I shall emerge from the darkness to wreak vengeance upon the living embodiment of patriarchy—straight cis-dudes who wear polo shirts to clubs—before disappearing once again into the night; a shadow unseen, unheard, the homosexual hero this city needs.

Friday 26.

furiosa queer latin latinx party berlin

Fuck Your Gender


The Nipple Liberation Army is back with another round of Fuck Your Gender; an absolutely first-class FLINTA*-focused, sex-positive party. Always a beautiful night of community, care, and queer joy. While the Untertage venue will be missed, the Nip Lib Army is sure to make it a night to remember regardless. Free your body. Free your mind. Free your nips.

furiosa queer latin latinx party berlin

Queer Garten: Lesbian Visibility Day Party


A grand ol' way to celebrate this fine day of International Lesbian Visibility with the Queer Garten FLINTA* collective. They're teaming up with the Butch Walk, Butch Barflys and Dyke March folks to bring you a night of music, entertainment and general dykery. Usually a good range of music at Queer Garten parties, with a bit of pop, a touch of techno, and a hint of house.

furiosa queer latin latinx party berlin


Secret Location

The finest queer anticapitalist party in Berlin is up and at it again. For the real techno dykes, this is the place to be because the lineup: absolute fire—SXCL, Control Delete, cristian zanotti— these folks never let me down.

furiosa queer latin latinx party berlin



For a long night of reggaeton, baile funk, guaracha, and queer Latinx joy, the Puticlub crew and their guests are heating up the halls of Æden.

furiosa queer latin latinx party berlin



For a night of latinx pop, reggaeton and all the bops you could ever want, the Furiosa latinx party is back with a night in ode to Reggaeton queen Karol G.

Saturday 27.

Alas, there's not much queer in the happening this Saturday. That being said: if you fancy some good disco/house, you could rally your girls, gays, and theys for TOYS takeover of one floor of Paloma; they're a pretty queer-feminist crew and the music will be great, just don't expect a very queer crowd. Otherwise, head to Bergi I guess.

Sunday 28.

furiosa queer latin latinx party berlin



A cuddly day party at OXI to keep you going into the small hours of Monday morning. I predict some real beautiful techno, house, some trance, and breaks to boot. They've got a dream DJ lineup, and personally, I'm hyped to catch DJ AYA again. Dress colorful, dress queer, dress to express. This one's still pending a Party Dyke review, but I have high hopes for this one my dears.

furiosa queer latin latinx party berlin



A flock of FLINTAs has something new a'brewing for this Sunday. And it's a full program; you can brunch, boogie, get a tattoo or a tarot reading, or just wail away with some karaoke. I predict a real cute and cozy little community party, with sweet folks and great music.


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