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Weekend Picks February 2 - 4

party dyke queer lesbian nightlife events berlin february 2024

Your body is not a temple. It’s a späti. Give up on Saturday morning yoga and come dance with the dykes.

Friday 2.

dyke trans flinta queer party berlin

Dykes Gone Wild


Ah finally, the dykes take the helm at Schwuz. Here comes a hefty dose of pop to cleanse my Berlin-EDM-basted party palette. My only contact with Taylor Swift apart from literally all media. Who do we have but the Berlin Strippers Collective performing to have you swooning like a Victorian lady. Game plan: dress hot, spend next month’s rent on tequila to acquire some completely unjustified confidence, cry when they play Robyn, and likely create drama that will occupy the rest of February. No ragrets.

Saturday 3.

furiosa queer latin latinx party berlin

Bender II

Zur Klappe

Ooh I’m getting heart flutters just thinking about this one. Techno, electro, hedonism, lasers and drag, what more can you ask for in a party. A lineup with some local darlings to notch it up: Amperia, SPINO and LSN101 (i.e. Manuela Mayoral & Annechoic). This should be one cute and very queer night, centering trans folks, crossdressers, drag and gender-messiness in all its crazy, colorful forms. However you want to fuck with gender normativity, this is the place to do it. Full-blown, extravagant drag will get you past the queue and in on a donation fee, crossdressing puts you in the express lane, otherwise: dress or undress to impress.

furiosa queer latin latinx party berlin


Mysterious Location NK

Ah Interzone, such a bunch of sweethearts. Only good vibes to be found in the Interzone crowd and only good sounds to be found in the lineup. This is a night for the techno lovers. Keep an ear open for JuNe, she won’t disappoint. Interzone brings in a lovely crowd. These folks are doing the most to keep some heart and financial accessibility in Berlin’s queer party scene. Hats off.

queer experimental music party berlin


Lokschuppen (formerly Suicide Club)

Our favorite queer-feminist hard-rave collective is teaming up with PASSIV AGGRESSIV for a long, loud night of hardtechno, hardcore and gabber. I must admit that this isn’t the most FLINTA*/queer space, but I hope that Dynamic fans will bring kindness and care to the crowd. If you want to go hard this weekend, this would be my choice.


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