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Weekend Picks February 8 - 11

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The weekend starts early lovelies. Go out on Thursday. Return home on Sunday looking like you contracted cholera on the Oregon trail and must be buried by the roadside with nothing to mark your lonesome grave but rocks to keep coyotes from digging you up. By which I mean it's going to be a great time.

Thursday 8.

dyke trans flinta queer party berlin



Starting the weekend off early at Berghain baby, weeeirdos are lighting up Säule on Thursday night. They're all about giving a stage to our finest queer artists, and for techno lovers there's no better place to be. An intense early start to the weekend. But fuck your day job anyhow.

Friday 9.

slime queer party berlin


Secret Location

Slime crew is brewing up another night of top-tier queer community fun and games. Techno, trance, electro vibes brought to you by these dears: Funkykid,, Mäßir Slime always brings out the most delightful folks, go out and be sweet.

Saturday 10.

furiosa queer latin latinx party berlin


Zur Klappe

Let me tell you, lovelies, this is not a night to miss. A new party on my radar, where “groove meets soul, and house is home.” Casadephunk is all about creating an inclusive space where seasoned DJs and emerging artists alike can showcase the finest of house music. They’ll have to evict me at the end of the night. Just look at that lineup. elliephunk and Camilla Rae b2b 131bpm (of Body Language renown). Fire. Sheer fucking fire.


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