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Party Picks: May Marathon 8 - 12

party dyke queer lesbian nightlife events berlin March 8th International Women's Day

This is your dry run for festival season folks; endurance training. The weekend starts on Wednesday. It ends when you run out of money, dr**s, or knee cartilage. This a good-vibes, high-energy marathon.

Wednesday 8.

furiosa queer latin latinx party berlin

Poppers Party

Monster Ronson's

A night of alkyl nitrite delight brought to you by our queen Bleach. Poppers is the chaotic drag shows of dreams; the kind of sheer queer beautiful bedlam lighting up my dykey dreams. Starting the night with a pangeant of our newest, freshest drag perfomers: Angel Danger, Günther Geil, Earl Gay & Shy. Then darling Chandelier Brown, Oma-drag star No Undies and show-girl Daniela Candela take the stage. I will not rest until every dyke in Berlin has had a POPPERS night at MonRon.

Vive la révolution homosexuelle, Bleach, vive la révolution homosexuelle.

furiosa queer latin latinx party berlin



Local queer collective Homeostat are teaming up with the good folks who bring you Blade Festival (queer-friendly, feminist festival outside Leipzig). Wednesday night they present two floors; one blasting the finest trance and techno, the other; the smoothest house, groove and techno. Pending a Party Dyke review but I sense a vibe.

Thursday 9.

furiosa queer latin latinx party berlin

H̶e̶r̶r̶e̶n̶t̶a̶g̶ LOL - Queer Beach Party

Strandbad Plötzensee

Ah Herrentag, the day when the worst men you know come together to celebrate toxic masculinity. What better day to party in the sun with the girls, gays and theys? Head over to Strandbad Plötzensee for a day to celebrate FLINTA*/queer DJs and performers. This year they're supporting the Tuntenhaus in their legal fight to preserve a historic, queer, self-organized space. There shall be music, dancing, food, drink, and most importantly, you can avoid dude-bros at peak-douchebag.

Friday 10.

furiosa queer latin latinx party berlin

Subverted x OLAM


The hot goth queers are turning out at OHM this Friday night, joined by bratislavan collective OLAM, bringing you the finest industrial techno, dark ambient, rhythmic noise, industrial, hard tech and all those other big, fun, bangy noises. The crowd at Subverted is always so damn sweet, behind a truly excessive amount of eyeliner. This party will be to blame for my tinnitus and it's going to be so worth it.

furiosa queer latin latinx party berlin



A dark-queer party in a brand new venue. Embrace some gender-fuckery, awake your binary-defiant clown and dance like a weirdo. That's the energy we're striving for. Now I can't tell you anything about Kreuzwerk as a venue just yet, and I a curious to see how it will work for the party, but if this is anything like volume one of SKIN CONTACT it'll be a vibe and a half.

furiosa queer latin latinx party berlin

HISSY FIT *goes to Berlin once*

Zur Klappe

Zur Klappe is throwing another Hissy Fit, a queer/femme party with the kind of playful, bouncy energy you need after a long week. Pro-tip, I'd turn out for SXCL, for the love of the music (and my crush on them). The theme of the night; it's all about Berlin. Channel your inner currywurst, your inner Berghain reject dressed like a matrix character or that pre-war model of old German lady who fully shoulder-checks you on the U-Bahn.

furiosa queer latin latinx party berlin

Paradise Garage


Paradise Garage is back after a wee sabbatical. And I am excited folks. PG at its best was the grooviest, sexiest, silliest Thursday night in Berlin. Always brought in a queer crowd (after all, Paradise Garage discotheque is a big deal in the history of NY queer club culture), let me tell you: the music; the vibes; the shenanigans, fucking beautiful. Where else can I wear a silly little sailor costume, dance to disco classics and Improvise silly little skits under the instruction of someone in a skimpy nurse costume. If the new rendition captures half that magic, I'm all on-board. Dresscode is strictly extravagant, kinky and colourful.

Saturday 11.

furiosa queer latin latinx party berlin

Pillow Princess Klubnacht

Zur Klappe

Boy, oh boy; the very first Prinzessinnen Klubnacht. We've been waiting for this one. Cute queer vibes by cute queer folks. On decks, we've got Cat and Broccoli of course, joined by Sparkly Pony (of Sweat fame), B.Silberof the and, all the way from Paris, Hardmullet (renowned of Dyketopia fest). Expect a high energy dance floor, just be mindful of others because Klappe is a little bit tight on space.

furiosa queer latin latinx party berlin

Cuties x Fairies

Secret Location

A queer DIY party to bring together "the fags, dykes, dolls and daddies". This one brings in the sweetest folks, and our clandestine little Neukölln cubby hole is a prime spot for a whole-heartedly queer happening. Not many parties leave you smiling on the way home like these Cuties.

furiosa queer latin latinx party berlin

Pinky Promise: Marvellous Masquerade


It's a sexy masquerade ball. What more do I have to say. Pinky Promise is a wonderland that brings in some of Berlin's finest, queerest performers, who will be putting on the most sultry of showings. On two dancefloors you can find a wide range of genre: Afro House, Techno, Baile Funk, Disco... what more can you ask? They have active awareness team and strict playroom rules you should consider perusing beforehand. And of course: dress for the occasion. No effort - no entry.

furiosa queer latin latinx party berlin


Raxxxhaus - Bethaniendamm 28

Here we go, your queer soli party for post-punky, synthy goth vibes, raising money for causes close to the community's heart. With an array of local favorites on decks, it should be a warm little party with some good boogies to be had. Come play. Come dance, FLINTA to the front.

Sunday 12.

furiosa queer latin latinx party berlin

Slinky # 1

Zur Klappe

A brand new party to round off the weekend with some low-BPM grooves (probably for the best for those of us who will have been on a bender since Wednesday). Let's give it a swing, I have a good feeling about this one. The lineup is kept a mystery until the day. Intriguing. Party Dyke investigates.


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