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Weekend Picks Dec 29 - 31

Thank god this Christmas hoopla is over—time to get back to the real festivities.

Friday 29.



The weeeirdos are back and taking over the main Berghain floor for one glorious night, bringing some of the biggest names in the queer scene. This lineup is straight out of my dreams: LOLSNAKE, IMOGEN, Nur Jaber... there will be no rest, no sleep, just dancing with the freaks.

Come to Bergy baby. There's no better way to see off this shitshow of a year

Saturday 30.


Club Ost

This was all I wanted for Christmas—a new queer party on the scene. House disco and electro brought by some local legends. Keep an eye out for Adam Munnings of Lunchbox Candy, and Daniel Wang, a familiar face at parties like CockTail d'Amore and Horse Meat Disco. It might take a new party time to find it’s crowd but I have no doubts the music will be fabulous and the vibes exquisite.


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