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Weekend Picks Jan 12 - 14

party dyke queer lesbian nightlife events berlin january 2024

Long nights, flashing lights, here's what's bringing out the dykes.

Friday 12.

dyke trans flinta queer party berlin

Trans Fag Dyke


We love to see a new party on the roster. A dykey night of house, italodisco, eurodance and trance brought to you by the Allesbien collective and Queer Trans Liberation. Beautiful lineup full of familiar faces of the FLINTA* scene; Kakao Katzê, B Silber and Cat&Broccolli, who always bring the fun. tldr: It'll be cute. It'll be groovy. And the ticket price supports further dyke activities and shenanigans.

slime queer party berlin


Secret Location (NK)

The SLIME crew is back again with another cute wee party to warm your bones this Saturday night. With Chrispy, DJ BONEY S and zikade on set you can always expect a proper boogie. And if you caught their beautiful Christmas bash (shout-out to my fellow orphans) you know a SLIME party brings in the cutest, caring folks. Check their Telegram for location updates.

furiosa queer latin latinx party berlin



Furiosa, Berlin’s premier queer latinx party is back again this weekend. Regardless of whether you’re going for a taste of home, or just need a tad bit of TINI, a sprinkle of Shakira, a bit of Becky G, to warm up your weekend this is the spot. Not the most FLINTA* crowd, but a queer chaotic night in all the best ways.

Sunday 14.

queer experimental music party berlin

Royal Highness


Hear ye, hear ye. The court of queerdom convenes again this Sunday afternoon from 3 to 3. The music vibe is a joyful cacophony; a wonderful experiment; nothing safe; “fast transitions, unconventional sounds, stimulating vocals, bleeps, crunches, provoking samples and hypnotising drums.” I sense a vibe. Rejoice peasants.


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