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Weekend Picks: March 28 - 31

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Waking up last Sunday, in a state of Pfeffi-induced physical desolation had me considering taking it easy this weekend... but it's the Easter weekend. And if we don't sin for history's most famous lesbian—Jesus—then she died for nothing.

Thursday 28.

furiosa queer latin latinx party berlin

House of Lunacy - Flora Fauna Funghi


Time to pull together a sexy outlandish costume and enter the hedonistic den of chaos that is the House of Lunacy. The place to be as a former Halloween kid who's followed the pipeline to Berlin's kinky scene. Lunacy's always a pretty queer space, but not solely so do be aware of that. Nevertheless, they bring in some of the best queer artists and performers Berlin has to offer, and with myriad floors offering every kind of music you can imagine, it doesn't disappoint on that front. Be sure to put work into the costume because the door is strict: no effort, no entry. I want to see the sexy ferns and slutty mushrooms. I'm going to be the hottest forest-floor necrotroph you ever did see. (Necrotroph. Not... the other thing)

Friday 29.

furiosa queer latin latinx party berlin

Trans Fag Dyke


TFD Volume II. Another night of dance, performance, banter, and community. Definitely an evening I've been looking forward to. Mostly disco/house vibes with a lil pop, breaks, tech, and trance tossed in for good measure. Starting off the night with some interesting newcomers on the DJ open-decks, performers to bring the heat, and a long-night focused on the FLINTA* community, it's the kind of night you'll stumble home from grinning.

furiosa queer latin latinx party berlin

Hamam Nights

Berghain - Panorama Bar

A long funky, steamy night is in the brewing over at Berghain. Sedef Adasï brings a queer club night all the way from Augsburg, and while this one's pending a Party Dyke review, my birds tell me that she is an expert in crafting the kind of comfortable spaces where we can all feel safe and seen. Very excited to see her light up Pano. And, word to the wise, a Coco Cobra b2b 131bpm set is not to be missed, short of a natural disaster.

Saturday 30.

furiosa queer latin latinx party berlin

BIG Love


A new party on the roster, tis a blessed weekend indeed. A big wubby bass night, for the big wubby bass lovers. Pleasure Politics, Shankstasy, Souci and DJ Straight Girl are going to be cutting it up, with some UK garage, dubstep and jungle to keep you on your toes. Seems like a good vibe, high energy kind of night. So we're in luck; they're serving waffles. For everyone who's been like, "omg Berghain sells ice cream,"—raise your standards, my guy. This is the sugary club snack the people want.

Sunday 31.

furiosa queer latin latinx party berlin

Voices4 Berlin: Trans Day of Visibility


For this year's Trans Day of Visibility, Voices4 Berlin is not only bringing us an afternoon of workshops and a Trans* Open Mic Cabaret (sign up quick), but they're following it up with a party to ring in a new year of trans joy. With a killer lineup of local favourites (Dirty Daddy Don omg) it should be a lovely, cosy evening. And a Nyio Kunt performance will knock you off your damn feet and possibly shake some fundamental pillar of your gender identity. What better way to bring together and celebrate our trans*, intersex and non-binary (TIN) community? As always, be aware of the space you occupy, especially if you are a guest in the TIN* house.


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