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Weekend Picks: March 8th Weekend Spectacular

party dyke queer lesbian nightlife events berlin March 8th International Women's Day

My darlings, this weekend is ours. Naturally, there are an absurd, ridiculous, wonderful number of FLINTA* centered parties running. And FLINTA* folks should be taking up all the dancefloor space we need. No compromises. No bullshit. Not this weekend. Just joy and solidarity. Go forth and find the vibes, Party Dyke loves you.

Thursday 7. March

dyke trans flinta queer party berlin

Femme Bass Mafia


The grand masters of the FBM (a bass-focused DJ mentoring program for femme, trans and non-binary people) are ringing in the 8th at the Berghain SÄULE with star guests DJ Storm & Mia Koden. You'll hear the best DnB in town at this one. Come caffeinated, I foresee a high-energy dancefloor for this one.

slime queer party berlin



Ready for something new, fresh and queer? Sherryaeri presents a mixer-up of rap, bass, punk, and live music, centering BI*PoC FLINTA* folks for a night of moshing, ass-shaking, and, of course, feminist rage. Check out their safer mosh guide (for this party and all parties) and awareness guidelines, and be conscientious of the space you're occupying (*cough, white queers).

slime queer party berlin


Zum Böhmischen Dorf

A very queer evening of art, drag, music, and peculiar non-binary sexiness. The music will slap (Dirty Daddy Don never fails me), the performances shall be hot (in a somewhat confusing way) and the vibes, exquisite. A place for those DTF (Dykes, Tr@nnies & F@ggots). Let loose your inner gender-clown.

dyke trans flinta queer party berlin

FLINTA*stic Indie Pop Party


The FLINTA* party scene 100% needs more indie pop nights. I just want to wail Olivia Rodrigo lyrics with the dykes, is that so much to ask. New party on my radar but could be a vibe.

dyke trans flinta queer party berlin



A new party in town and this Thursday they're celebrating some of the best FLINTA* artists of Berlin's bass music underground scene. Should be a fairly cozy little party, KvU isn't huge after all, but I would expect Soyklō to knock things up a knotch all the same.

Friday 8.

furiosa queer latin latinx party berlin

Magic Dyke: Venom

Festsaal Kreuzberg

Another round of the best show in town. Magic Dyke is back baby, and the sapphics are coming out for it. Connor Lingus will do some sexy rolly pollies. Daddy Dyke will daddy

And half the dykes in Berlin will shake ass afterward. TLDR: it’s going to be hot.

furiosa queer latin latinx party berlin

Super Slimey Nature

Secret Location

Two great queer parties in one night. Slime and Supernature coming together for a night of real queer community. This will be the place to dance your heart out, make some friends, see some drag, and, most importantly, feel safe and seen. It's going to be delightful. Plus proceeds go to the Alliance of Internationalist Feminists. Great music, great folks, great cause.

furiosa queer latin latinx party berlin

Queer Garten


Queer Garten, a night for FLINTA* and Friends, is coming to Gretchen. Two floors, one for pop, R&B and indie, one for electro and house. It'll be cute, it'll be cosy, and with Lana Diamond and River Roux of the Berlin Strippers Collective performing, I'm sure you'l be well entertained.

furiosa queer latin latinx party berlin

Subverted x Brutal Forms


Doomy, gloomy, boomy music for sexy goth queers. The Subverted crowd is always the cutest, and if you like that industrial sound there's nowhere better to be.

What a Playground

Mystery Location

This is going to be wholesome af. A night of house music from FLINTA* and BIPoC artists in a cozy little NK cubby hole. Sweet collective that brings in a great crowd, and they're raising money for a good cause too. Come out and support.

furiosa queer latin latinx party berlin



The queue… will be rough, I’m not going to lie. But Berghain is queer at heart, and if that’s the dancefloor home that calls to you this 8th, then you go for it, my love. Feedback from last year’s edition was… disappointing. But with a bit of work on last year's mistakes this could be a hell of a night. *If you make it, let me know if the vibe was better this year.

Saturday 9.

furiosa queer latin latinx party berlin

єχυ∂є: International Dolls Night


A trans-centered party for all who are respectful and can vibe with trans-joy. A full night of dance and performance, genre-blend of music, with some bass and breaks, and baked goods.

furiosa queer latin latinx party berlin

Pinky Promise: Underwater Fantasies

Club Ost

Sexy costume party with great music and a pretty queer crowd. And what a theme! (I’m tired of costume parties that just want me to wear horns and lingerie. No, I shall be a sexy barnacle.) I'd go for the performers alone; Buba Sababa, Lolita Va Voom, Fauxkatya, Gutter Gucci... This is going to be beautiful.

Sunday 10.

furiosa queer latin latinx party berlin

Royal Highness


Queerdom is back at Fitzroy this Sunday, bringing you some experimental cocophony from an absolutely stacked lineup. Dirty Daddy Don, Dj Killing and Perra Inmunda on one list? This Sunday truly is the lords day, because that's a miracle in my books.


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