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Weekend Picks November 10-12

It's getting chilly, the days are getting short, and there's far too much Christmas decor about. You know where that won't be an issue? In the club.

Thurs 9. Nov


Time for Crack Bellmer’s monthly exhibition night for upcoming and well-established flinta DJs alike. Nice project to help flinta DJs get a foothold in the Berlin club scene so worth getting out for. Bellmer’s a cute little venue so it should be a cozy night to listen to some good music from 10pm on. They’re also looking for flinta folks to step up and play next unisono night for those aspiring to make their break.

Fri 10. Nov


This is where we find the hot goths, the doom-gloom-dykes, the queer industrial savants, those who straddle the boundary of cute & scary. Really nice lineup; I'm looking forward to catching @kiar_oscuro and @la.mrls. There's also a photo exhibition and BDSM performance on the roster. It’s going to be the last Subverted at Untertage so it’s not one to miss. Queer, sex-positive, intimate and friendly vibes.

Sat 11. Nov

Queer Garten

The Queer Garten FLINTA* kollektiv are back again with their first party at ÆVE (just up the road from their old haunt). One floor of techno and house, one floor of 80s, indie, alternative and pop, so there’s there’s something for everyone. Always a cute party with Queer Garten.


Not only is Dissident always a sweet party that brings out the sweetest folks, but when I say the lineup for this is good I mean it’s goddamn beautiful, and when I say it’s goddamn beautiful, I mean I am individually in love with each of the DJs. Not an explicitly queer party but very flinta vibes nonetheless.


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