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Weekend Picks November 3-5

It’s a quiet weekend for queer parties, and nothing FLINTA* specific on the books but never fear, there’s still places to dress cute and dance badly for every night of the weekend.

Fri 3. Nov

Gegen Mystery

If you're going to dance at kitty, this is the night. Will the crowd be mostly gay men? Yes. Once you make peace with that, it’s a sick party, featuring some great FLINTA* artists and performers, and some of the best music in town this Saturday night. Keep your ears open for sonorityrainbow and @dirtydaddydon .

Sat 4. Nov

Lunchbox Candy: Twisted Generation

Lunchbox Candy is celebrating two years of queer chaos. I foresee a colourful night of queer debauchery and general gender-messiness. Looking forward to catching @rafush___ and @shero_909 again. Dress code is weird, wonderful, queer and quirky: radical self-expresssion.

Sun 5. Nov

8 years of poly|motion

To round off the weekend, head over to blank on Sunday afternoon for poly|motions 8th birthday. Still pending an ol’ partydyke review, and their lineup isn’t announced in advance, but I have high expectations for some nice, smooth, down-pitch techno to round off the weekend, and with a FLINTA* focused area and an awareness team on task it seems like a caring and mindful space to party.


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