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Weekend Picks November 24-26

There’s so much FLINTA* hijinks afoot this weekend I want to split myself in three. Catch you out there.

  • - xoxo your local festivities lesbian.

Friday 24. Nov

Fuck Your Gender


Well my dears, this one’s the pick of the month. Their last party was a blast and I have no doubt this one will be just as good. The @nippleliberationarmy is taking over Untertage for the last time for a cute and caring FLINTA* party before the venue closes. A truly queer, welcoming, sex-positive party with a thoughtful awareness concept. Very excited to catch DJ Ipek again, but I expect the full lineup will impress. Free your body, free your mind, free your tits.


Zur Klappe

Now call me crazy but DnB does not get the love it deserves in Berlin. And if you're looking for a safe space for FLINTA* folks in that scene… well that’s why DJ Northern and DJ Flounce are presenting you with a brand new FLINTA* party in the cosy quarters of Zur Klappe. Knowing those two, it should be a lively night. Shake up the scene my dears.

Saturday 25. Nov

Girls Town


Girlstown: an institution of Berlin’s FLINTA* nightlife. An evening to wreak havoc, create drama and flail like some kind of exotic bird of paradise caught in a mating ritual on a documentary where David Attenborough’s voice is inexplicably replaced by Nikki Minaj. If you can dodge your ex, your other ex, and the three people you ghosted, it’ll be awesome.

Imaginary Friend


You know when you’re at a party that’s not explicitly queer, but everyone you meet there is? And the music is so good you cancel your Sunday stitch’n’bitch? And you fall in love with a DJ, and then another DJ, and then some kindly stranger offers you a cigarette and now you’re kinda in love with them too? That’s just the imaginary friend vibe. They’ve got a hell of a lineup but I’ve got to say, I would show up for DJ Fart in the Club any day, any night, any hour.

Sunday 26. Nov



Our pick for Sunday has to be the Layers day rave over at Fitzroy. Really excited for what I’ve seen of the Layers crew’s events so far, bringing lovely music and lovely folks to their parties. I’m certain the HEDDA b2b JAARA set will slap and DJ Eivissa will kill it if her set at WET last August is anything to go by. Great way to groove out your Sunday evening.


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