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Weekend Party Picks: July 12 - 14

Well, my dears and dearies, straight pride (the fuckin' euros) is almost over. And most of the worst dudes in Berlin are already home clutching their wounds. So that's means for celebration in my book.

Friday 12.

furiosa queer latin latinx party berlin

Dykes by Night: After-Party

Zum böhmischen Dorf

As a totally objective and unbiased observer, I highly recommend this party organized by myself and half a dozen pals. Come to the Party Dyke party, dyke. Following on from an exhibition and panel discussion over at k-fetisch, the folks who want to make nightlife nerdy can pop over to ZBD to round off the Dyke's by Night week of havoc. Performing, in all her charm and grace, star of Berlin neo-burlesque; Lolita Va Voom. On decks, we have some great folks coming in, new and old: DJ Daddy Dyke, Ina Vietha, Brocolli, and the best terrible arm-wrestler in Neukölln, DJ BETÂNIA. In short, it'll be a wee, cute dyke party. What better way to start the weekend?

furiosa queer latin latinx party berlin


Mystery location

If there's one night I'm always looking forward to it has to be Slime. Great music, great folks, and a crew that really cares about community. On decks the Slime crew are joined this time by Cuties res Posture and exude's mx.pinky. I forecast quite a music blend, bit of techno, bit of electro, generally funkiness. Why not start the night off with me, then rock up along Sonnenallee to close the night to their somewhat bigger and certainly better-organized party?

furiosa queer latin latinx party berlin

Wide Open

New Fears Gallery

For the sexy artistic queers, Wide Open's in a brand new space for a brand new night of shaking you out of the mold. Start early, finish as fast as you fancy. From 7pm till 2 in the morning, they've got a fine lineup of genderfuckery, benderly performance, sick sounds (à la Rafush and VERTEL), and a DTF darkroom (for the dyk€s, tr@nnie$, f@ggots). It will be beautiful. Intriguing. At times, confusing. But in a good way.

Saturday 13.

furiosa queer latin latinx party berlin

Apéro Club - Pillow Princess X What a Playground

Crack Bellmer

As soon as you've slept off Friday night's festivities, why not rekindle your Saturday night appetite with an aperitif boogie on this fine Summer evening, and let the Princessin and the good folks of What a Playground guide you through a 12 hours extravaganda. Come mingle, come dance, come lounge about classily with a glass of sauv blanc and steadily devolve like a troubled Pokemon into your pfeffi-shot self. Some top-tier dykes on deck

Collections at the door go to support those affected by conflict in DR Congo.

GRRRL-NOISY Festival Vol. 2


Love punk rock but don't want to spend time with the worst men you know? Well thank god for the GRRRL-NOISY Festival, back for it's second edition to bring you a full schedule of rock, punk, post-punk, and skateboarding. On the lineup you've got some real greats of the Berlin music scene: Isoscope, Okra, Wüt, Siddhi Shah, and Dornika. Good music, good food, good folks and a good bit of general hooliganism (but in a feminist way, not a angry-football man way).

furiosa queer latin latinx party berlin



The cutest of collectives is back to bring you a beautiful blend of soulful house, groovy tech, hard&acid core and all the good stuff in between.. The lineup is beautiful to a T. The cuties crowd lives up to its name. I can't say I know the venue, but regardless, I'd bet they'll make it a night to remember.


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