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Weekend Picks Jan 5 - 7

January days might be short, dark and grey. But the nights are long, bright and gay.

Friday 5.

Gegen: Age


Oh Gegen, I love the chaos. The vibes. The shenanigans. The silly sexy outfits. And this DJ lineup; I’m dying for it. We’ve got some of our favourites on deck: Amperia, Maze DK, Kiar Oscuro, Sherø… Might have to cool down for a paddle in the kitty pool. Gegen does tend to be a wee bit cis-gay-dude-centric, but there’s a dedicated FLINTA* playground and our Magic Dyke stars Daddy Dyke and Ryder Dyke will be in performance. For that alone, come to kitty my dears.

Girls Town


Ah Girls Town, the grand FLINTA* night party night that answers the question what if you could watch the chart from the L Word take shape in real time. I come for the tea. I stay to take shots and flail like a rabid raccoon to the sound of Megan Thee Stallion.

Saturday 6.

Saturday Love Affair


This Saturday night the good folks of Sunday Love Affair, a Leipzig-based radio collective platforming FLINTA* and BIPoC artists, are lighting up Paloma with the very finest house music.


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