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Weekend Picks Nov 30 - Dec 3

Quite a weekend. Starting off early with a handful of small queer parties to warm up for a big FLINTA* bash, a Latinx Saturday and a Sunday party that starts as Saturday night ends (3pm).

Thursday 30.

Femme Fatale


Femme Fatale is all about giving space to femme, trans and non-binary live performers and dj's, and their lineup this week is absolutely stacked. If you’re out and about in Berlin you’ve surely heard Dornika, it’s always a bop when  @rafush___ is on decks, and there will be a performance by @guttergucci,who scares me in a good way… plus many more icons of FLINTA* nightlife.

Gender Bender

Zur Klappe

Love to see a new party on the books. And this one is promising quite a show; lights and lasers and queerness and hedonism and harmony and, of course, techno. It’s a night to experiment with drag, with cross-dressing, or just expressing your transness with grand affair (at least that’s how you can skip the queue). Sounds like a vibe

Friday 1.



Another rendition of our favourite party at SO36. A night for FLINTA* (and friends) hosted by local legends @lolitavavoom and @foxgloveberlin. A night to dance like a mad thing, to rock n’ roll, pop, hip hop, and disco (what's bad for the soles is good for the soul). This one’s a big one because you can expect a @magicdykeberlin  showing. Music, dance, burlesque, strippers: what more can you ask for? Maybe a lapdance.

Saturday 2.



Puti’s back for one last blast of the year; a queer latinx party to bring a bit of bounce to your Saturday night. Alongside some special guests to shake up the night, you have some familiar faces like residents @isagtofficial and @PvssyDivx who always bring a fun and creative sound. It does tend to have more of a cis-gay-dude showing relative to FLINTA* folks but it’s a really sweet crowd nonetheless, and alas it’s the last Puti until March so definitely not one to miss.

Sunday 3.

Royal Highness


Hear ye, hear ye. The court of queerdom convenes again this Sunday afternoon, 3-3. The music vibe is a joyful cacophony; a wonderful experiment; nothing safe; “fast transitions, unconventional sounds, stimulating vocals, bleeps, crunches, provoking samples and hypnotising drums.” Pending party dyke review but I sense a vibe. Rejoice peasants.


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