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Weekend Picks November 17-19

Where are we escaping the real world this weekend? There’s so many options. So little time. So, so little sleep this weekend.

Friday 17. Nov


Mystery Location (join their Telegram)

Slime is such a delightful queer collective, always great DJs, with a real mix of music styles. Always a cosy, caring party. Come find them in their mysterious NK location… for an adventure and a party.

Lecken: Queerness is Not Yet Here


Celebrating 8 years of Lecken: a group dedicated to putting queer and feminist values on the dancefloor. Great lineup; I think DJ Shannon and Punani will really bring some fun. 2 euro off every ticket is going to Nakba75 and Medical Aid for Palestinians. After this bash Lecken's taking a sabbatical to assess their vision for the future. Times they are a’changing after all. In the meantime, we’re going to miss you Lecken. Their dresscode: “skanks of the world unite”. You have nothing to lose but your clothes.



Furiosa, the queer latinx party, is back again with our monthly blast of reggaeton, pop, latin hits, perreo to the floor and, most importantly time, Shakira. We’re getting her classics, the hits every Spanish-speaker knows word-for-word (and the rest of us enjoy mumbey bopping to). It’s a queer party but not super flinta-y, (Shakira brings out the twinks after all), great vibes all-round though.

And they’ve generously provided a Spotify playlist for the party for gringues to prepare (This is a very jarring way to discover you actually only know a fraction of the Shakira oeuvre. Thank you Furiosa.)

Saturday 18. Nov


Chaußeestrasse 131

This is the spot for anyone looking for groovy, funky, disco vibes, and also a more chill and cosy option for your Saturday evening. THE BOX is giving space to some great up-and-coming FLINTA* DJs, and my bet is Jana Falcon will kill it from what I’ve seen of her work. It’s a fairly new party and the concept’s still developing, but I’m a fan of these folks.

Body Language


Body Language might well be the queer party giving the best music of the weekend. There will be no time for rest with a lineup like this. Seriously looking forward to 131bpm b2b Camilla Rae, that’ll be one to remember. Can't miss this one as it's Re:mise's closing weekend. They're bidding farewell with a bang. RIP to a space that has given so much to queer parties and nightlife.

BRENN invites That Gay Creation

Gestrandet Mitte

If you're looking for a day party this Saturday, Brenn's got the decks open at Gestrandet Mitte from 4-22pm. Beach parties are hard to come by in November, but you can combine supporting some local queer music talent with supporting local queer artisans at the accompanying queer market by that Gay creation. Take my gay money.

SUPERNATURE: Queer Soli Rave

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Supernature is back with a soli party with a delightful lineup. It'll be a groovy caring space as always I'm sure. Keep your eyes peeled for Belen Zer and cristian zanotti. Supernature has a very reasonable entry price, but since they're raising funds for queer folks in Cameroon through the Working For Our Wellbeing NGO, consider being generous. Good cause. Good folks. Good times.


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